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LQA is more than just reviewing text; it is an essential task to ensure not only accuracy and quality but to make sure that all of the individual pieces are working as intended. Sometimes it is a straightforward review of translated documents while at other times it could be intended to verify the work of another translator or to fact-check and cross-reference numerous documents for consistency.

Transferendum offers professional proofreading for all kinds of documents. We handle business presentations, technical manuals, annual reports as well as legal, medical or personal documents.

Our proofreaders and reviewers will even handle marketing and point-of-sale materials, scientific reports, annual reports, publications, conference papers, and any other documents require review or revision. We’re not limited to the business world either, our proofreaders have the experience necessary and are also able to offer an academic-specific solution with essay, dissertation, and even thesis revision.

Good writing is essential to good business

Without good writing, it’s difficult to communicate in today’s world. The best product, idea or concept is nothing if it’s not expressed well. A great piece of writing will strengthen potential customers’ confidence in your product or service while also helping you appeal to a broader audience.

And, proofreading is so much more than just verifying text. We also cross-reference your content, ensuring that references are correctly inserted and tables & graphs are labelled correctly. We make sure website pages are correctly linked. We even review external sources for accuracy and veracity, if required.

Proofreading can be done in any language. It is the critical of checking what has already been translated for accuracy and linguistic quality before going to final review or publication. Proofreading, therefore, is an essential part of our production process for every document we handle. This is an essential step in our quality control processes as outlined in EN 17100:2015.

Whether you’re submitting a business tender, an academic paper, or writing for publication, you can lean on our passion to make it better. If you have any doubt about the quality of your written work or feel you would benefit from linguistic review, our proofreading solution will help.

Here at your Language Department, we’re passionate about language in all forms, across all cultures. Each of our proofreaders and editors are native speakers, with knowledge of local marketing catchwords and phrases, idioms and colloquialisms.

Regardless of the context, proofreading and editing are vital to effective written communication. A professional proofreader brings a fresh pair of eyes to your work and may pick up errors or details that were missed. Transferendum will ensure that your documents reflect the professionalism and expertise of the original text.

Transform your document management and translation processes with our services. We offer professional advice to optimise your workflow, ensuring efficiency and quality in every aspect.

Entrust your translations to our team of professionals and reap immediate benefits in cost savings and resource management. Our secure, quality-managed process takes care of all vendor costs and eliminates management overheads, providing you with a stress-free experience.

Submitting your documents for translation is effortless with us. Choose from our secure email method or integrate seamlessly with your existing content management system for a streamlined process.

Our expertise in handling large-scale projects guarantees cost-effective management with top-tier translation solutions. Whether you require our comprehensive EN 17100:2015 translation management system, rapid machine translation, basic translation, human-assisted machine translation, machine translation post-editing, or a translation For Information Purposes Only (FIPO) – we have the right solution to fit your budget, process, and desired turnaround time. Plus, we welcome your feedback for further reviews.

Leverage previously translated documents to reduce both time and cost. For larger projects, we can integrate our translation and quality assurance processes directly into your organization, ensuring consistent, accurate results while further reducing costs and turnaround times.

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