Product Manual Translation

When selling your product internationally, it’s crucial to translate the product manual. This ensures customers understand how to use your product safely and to their satisfaction. Our product manual translation solutions meet your needs, budget, and timeline.Product Packaging Translation

Our product manual translation will improve your manuals, user instructions, installation guides, maintenance plans and all industries. This applies to all consumer products, electronics, professional equipment, and industrial machinery sectors. We ensure easy CE compliance and provide a base for accurate in-house training and support.

Good news! Our translation processes are compatible with all file formats. We adapt to your needs, handling each scenario effectively. Our work culture ensures we work at your pace, delivering the best results for you and your customers. Learn more about us here!

We have the linguistic resources, localisation best practices, and modern language technologies to deliver the best user guide and instruction manual translations on time and budget!

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How we do the translation

human-elementWe handle all your work with a human-produced and human-managed quality control system. We adhere to the highest international standards. A project manager personally manages and quality-controls every job. They communicate with you to ensure we meet your quality expectations.

We securely store and route your files, images, documents, and embedded text files in our workflow management system. This maintains confidentiality and gives you control over your records and information.

We handle all file formats. If you are unsure or can’t find your file type listed, contact us. We provide personalised solutions for your language needs. We have a translation solution for you. Just let us know what you need translated.

Considerations for Product Manual Translation

Expanding to new markets can be exciting and rewarding. However, you need to consider how to adjust your content for new audiences. Proper translation solutions ensure you transmit your message effectively.

Product packaging and labels significantly impact customer purchase decisions. You should keep the design layout close to the original when translating content. Using translation solutions ensures your packaging and labels look great and are error-free. This creates a positive first impression in new markets.

Tips for successful product packaging and labels translation solutions:

When it comes to products, especially edibles, pharmaceuticals, and makeup, you might need to follow local regulations. Specifically, these regulations dictate the information you must display to commercialise your products in the intended market. Moreover, these regulations cover content, languages, colour, and font size. Consequently, they can significantly impact your design layout.

Different markets can have different associations to colours, images and symbols. Also you need to be aware that your new market competitors might be using different colours, names and slogans that may need not only a new design layout for the new market, but also to consider the legal aspects and trademarks necessary to succeed in your internationalisation process. 

When it comes to translate your content to a new target market, it is not recommended to rely on automated translators. New markets might require not only the content simply translated, but also adjusted in terms of punctuation, currency and concepts.

We know that starting in a new market might not be an easy task, but having an attractive design that comply with the local regulations and culture can save you time and money and will increase your chances to succeed in a new market. 

As your translation department, we want you to be successful in your new endeavour and we want to help you contact us with product manual translation and more!