Legal Translation

Legal-Translations-2With our EN 17100 certified translation management system, we provide legal translation for all types of legal documents, no matter the size. Legal translation solutions are available in all languages, see our supported file types.

We integrate our quality-managed translation solutions into your workflow. That is to say, no matter how you work, we will fit right in, just tell us what you need! Worried about confidentiality? Our EN 17100 certified roster of translators are subject to NDAs and a code of conduct that ensures confidentiality in every legal translation project. Moreover, our expert project management team ensures that you get the most efficient solution for your legal translation needs.

To get started, upload your documents now for a free quote. Alternatively, contact us by phone or by email to discuss your specific legal translation needs.

From bulk legal document translation to handling complex technical contracts, we provide tailored solutions that are cost-effective, and meet your deadlines. Rapid translation options are now available for larger documents that don’t require certification, which can help with your budget constraints. They are also available if you need to identify and narrow down portions of documents that will later require certified translation.

At Transferendum, we also work closely with solicitors to translate various legal texts. Legal translation solutions are available not only for private individuals but also for businesses. Moreover, these legal translation solutions apply to most legal documents such as notarial deeds, court rulings, power of attorney, insurance covers, legally binding agreements, contracts, and many other types of legal documents that require legal translations.

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How We Do Our Legal Translation

Legal TranslationDon’t worry if your files are in less translation-friendly formats like scans or prints. We have advanced technology that converts these into translatable forms. This preserves the original layout for seamless comparison and review for your Legal Translation.

Often, one of the biggest challenges in legal translation is handwritten documents. At Transferendum, we have skills in deciphering and translating handwritten documents. This involves formatting them as close as possible to the original for easy comparison and cross-referencing. We have acquired this unique skill set over many years of Legal translation in more than 150 languages. Our expertise encompasses a vast array of handwritten document projects for legal practitioners and government institutions.

Legal translation demands meticulous accuracy and technical proficiency. Besides, we advise our customers to choose professional legal translation to avoid the limitations and inaccuracies of free translation tools. These tools can lead to costly corrections and long-term content management issues.

Our Legal Translation Team

How can we help

Our extensive experience and expertise in legal translation enables us to provide you with translations you can trust. Coupled with our professional native speakers who specialise in legal translation.

Each project is translated with precision using correct legal terminology; conveying the intended message from the original document.

We understand the legal context and importance of the documents we work with, such as:

  • Local businesses merging with foreign firms
  • Last wills and testaments
  • Tendering abroad and drafting SLA documents
  • Important legal documents related to adoption, real estate, and purchase agreements

We also handle various types of legal documents, ensuring accuracy and confidentiality. Our expertise extends to understanding local regulations and legal nuances. Not only do we handle your documents with expertise and precision, our certification ensures the highest quality standards and reviews completed transcripts. The translation solutions we provide you are cost-effective, efficient, and confidential, and offers you a fast turnaround without a loss in quality. 

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The cost of our legal translation depends on your type of document, cost and deadline that needs to be translated. translation and your desired turnaround time. Please contact us to receive a free quote and learn more about how we can help with with our legal translation solution in your industry.
Our legal documents undergo translation and review by linguists who specialise in legal translation and are fully qualified native speakers. Our technology enables us to handle various formats while maintaining professionalism in every legal translation.
Legal translation is a translation for legal purposes, e.g. court proceedings. Standard Translation is the translation of a document that does not require a seal or signature.
Using Google Translate for legal documents is not recommended due to accuracy and reliability. For this reason, it’s advised to have translations reviewed and edited by a qualified & certified human translator to ensure that the meaning of the source document is conveyed accurately.
Of course! We accommodate all types of jobs, no matter how big or small. First, send us an email or call us today to schedule a meeting and learn more about how we can assist with your legal translation needs. We adapt to fit your needs, budgets and timeline.
Legal translation is crucial because it ensures clear communication across different legal systems, enabling the accurate transfer of legal concepts and terminologies across languages and jurisdictions.

It is vital for maintaining the legal validity and enforceability of your documents, agreements, contracts, and court rulings. Moreover, it mitigates the risks of miscommunication and legal consequences that can arise from inaccuracies in translation.

At Transferendum we are fully certified to provide quality legal translation solutions in rapid processes that work best for your needs. Let us know how we can help by sending us an email or submitting a request!

Patents and Trademarks

Our patent and trademark translation solutions are designed to help you safeguard your innovative business ideas, inventions, and creations. This provides you with the much-needed competitive edge in today’s fiercely competitive business environment.
Good news! We have experience in this area. We know how important it is to be precise and specific. Specifically, we will translate your patents into any language for all types of inventions in any sector. Our translators specialise in the fields of engineering, chemistry, biopharma, pharmaceuticals, and electronics, among others

Patent Translation

Patent - legal translation
Our in-house translators possess experience and strive to provide you with accurate translations that precisely reflect and capture your company’s uniqueness. Moreover, we know that business transcends borders, and that’s why we offer translations in any language to cater to your international market.
We do it by taking a personalised approach to patenting procedures by working closely with you and your legal representatives. This ensures that we accurately capture all necessary details when describing and transcribing your invention. Our tailor-made patenting translation solutions are perfect for businesses of all sizes. Furthermore, every client receives the highest quality of translation.
Besides, if you’re defending your trademark or patent overseas, you will require translation solutions with a complete end-to-end translation management solution. This provides you with an entire range of language and multilingual communication solutions to safeguard your intellectual property. We will work with your preferred legal representatives to smoothly manage the flow of multilingual content in the processing of your application. Additionally, it’s worth noting that we are ISO 17100 certified

How can we help you? 

The patent process can be slow and require multiple documents to succeed. At Transferendum, we will help by offering you flexibility and integrating our translation processes at each stage of your patenting process. Not to mention, we understand that the patenting process involves the disclosure of sensitive business data, and we can assure confidentiality in our security data processes.
No matter the size of your organisation, we provide tailor-made solutions to support your business patenting process.In addition, to our quality managed patent and trademark translation solution, we also help you safeguard other forms of intellectual property assets such as product names, slogans, recipes, and business processes.
Ultimately, we are dedicated to providing the highest level of language solutions and helping you protect your valuable assets.
Contact us to learn how we can elevate your business to the next level, protecting your assets and providing the perfect foundation for your future growth.

Real Estate/Overseas Property

If you are looking to buy, sell, rent, or lease a property abroad, we can offer you a translation solution to make the process smooth, safe, and according to local regulations.
Real estate
As you invest in properties abroad, we want to help you not only to protect your investment but also to make the process easier for all the parties involved.
Overseas real estate transactions can be confusing and time-consuming even more so, when they are done in a different language
At Transferendum, we provide certified translation of any type of document or file so your transactions are free from errors and misunderstandings. Our dedicated real estate translators specialise in overseas property, and will accurately translate all of your documents quickly and efficiently.
To the property market, we offer professional translation such as:
  • Dedicated translation solution
  • Experienced & professional legal translators available for all matters related to your overseas property purchases.
  • Certified translated copies of your legal documentation.
  • Quality assured processes.

Why us?

The property market is a highly changing and volatile market. Our experienced translators have great experience in dealing with property buying/renting processes. Moreover, we guide you in every step of the process.
Mistranslations made through free online tools are not only confusing but can also be misleading. For example, street and city names should not be translated, even though the words might have a meaning in the translated language. Put it this way, trying to save money on professional translations usually leads to misunderstandings in the documents and contracts. Consequently, this costs way more in the long term. That’s why we offer legal translation and certified translation of different documents, which include:
  • Real Estate contract translation
  • Purchasing inspections translation
  • Mortgage documents translation
  • Guarantees translation
  • Trust funds documents translation
Our highly skilled translators have experience in the property market. They not provide accurate translation of your documents but also to decipher correctly the nuances that can appear with certain words and concepts in legal/real estate contexts.
That’s why we provide a continuous and adaptable solutions from the start of negotiations to the finalisation of the process.
Let us know how we can assist you by contacting us today!
We offer Legal translation to ALL languages. Let us know how we can help translate, in any format regardless of your industry.
We hold confidential and private all information sent to us for quotation or translation. All of our staff and translators are bound by strict non-disclosure agreements (NDAs). In addition to these measures, we are able to put in place or agree to any additional or supplemental NDAs as requested on either an individual or project-by-project basis. 
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We also provide a wide range of professional translation solutions in any language or format to suit your needs, budget and timeline. How can we help? 

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