Every Translation is unique

Let’s put it this way – translation is not a “one size fits all” , that’s why our mission is to tailor bespoke solutions to meet your individual translation needs and handling all your content types in any format.

By integrating real human quality processes into our workflow, we bring traditional experience and next-level innovation to you. We handle projects of all sizes, from once-off, small jobs to large projects, so no job is too small or to big, we’ve got you covered!

Let us be your language department!

We provide a wide range of translation solutions in any language to suit your needs, budget and timeline.

At Transferedum, we take translation like chemistry, with every element coming together to create a masterpiece. Our logo symbolises an element as such on a periodic table (element tr for translation). Our belief is that a human touch is key to achieving perfection in translation. We are a team of native language experts reviewing over every translated word to ensure absolute accuracy. We deliver translations that are unique to your specific needs, budget and timeline. From technical, legal to creative content, we're your language department!

How WE do it!

Much like art, translation of content into different languages is both an art and a science.

At the core of our work is the human touch, ensuring every translation remains true to its original context. We provide rapid processes and human procedures throughout our translation processes to match your requirements all while maintaining the context of all the translations.human-element

We embed our processes into your business operation, designed to save you time and money to deliver the most efficient solution for all your language projects.

As Your Translation Department, we are an essential part of your team handling multiple types of files and video formats across all industries, to help you communicate and localise your message to your desired audience in any format.  

Transform your document management and translation processes with our translation products. We offer professional advice to optimise your workflow, ensuring efficiency and quality in every aspect.

So what next?

Firstly, let us know what is the language issue?

Got a language problem that needs solving?

No worries! We love a good challenge. Just tell us what you need and we’ll work our linguistic magic. Whether it’s a tiny job or a massive project, we’ve got the tools and know-how to get it done right, affordably and on time. 

Example: We had a client who was faced with an issue with translating phone records for a legal case, with more than a million words! The great news is, we have the technology and quality control tools to translate any type of file format so no conversions necessary! Learn more from our case studies 

How can we help

then, we offer you the best translation solution

Depending on the language issue, we will offer rapid and human procedures to ensure all your translation needs are met!

Our expertise in handling projects guarantees cost-effective management with top-tier translation solutions. Whether you require our comprehensive EN 17100:2015 translation management system, rapid machine translation, basic translation, human-assisted machine translation, machine translation post-editing, or a translation For Information Purposes Only (FIPO) – we have the right solution to fit your budget, process, and desired turnaround time. Learn more from our types of translations

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