Subtitling Translation

At Transferendum, we specialise in providing affordable and customised subtitling services in any language, catering to a diverse range of content types. Our multimedia approach encompasses written, verbal, video, and imagery sources, ensuring a seamless and engaging experience for your audience.

We have advanced tools for extracting and converting subtitles efficiently, allowing us to reproduce them in the desired format promptly. Our subtitling solution involves translating an already spoken dialogue – not real time dialogue into written text that appears on the screen and synchronised with the audio.

High-quality subtitling by certified translators

Our certified translators guarantee subtitling services that will exceed your expectations for a wide range of video formats, including television broadcasts, web-only videos, advertisements, educational DVDs and webcasts.

Our subtitling services are commonly utilised in various scenarios such as;

  • Educational films, e-learning platforms
  • Radio and television broadcasts, webinars, recorded live streams, public service announcements
  • TV commercials, short films, feature films, film scripts, YouTube videos, documentaries, artistic performances, animations, interviews, conferences, depositions, audio files and DVDs/videos
  • Corporate presentation, training videos
  • Software applications

Voice-Over (Dubbing) Translation

We also offer comprehensive audiovisual translation services tailored to your requirements, covering all languages.

Our dubbing and voice-over services involve replacing the original language with the languages spoken by the target audience to ensure effective communication and engagement.

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We also provide a wide range of translation services in any language to suit your needs.


We offer subtitling translation for any form of video including television, web-only videos, advertisements, educational DVDs, webcasts any other file types.

Voice over translations involve replacing the original audio with a recording in the desired target language, without the need to synchronize the new audio to any lip movements.

Dubbing translation is the process of syncing a new voice recording to the original lip movements. This requires significantly more production work to achieve, but it can be beneficial for localisation purposes.

We offer multimedia translations to all languages.

We hold accreditations from both ISO 9001:2015 and EN 17100:2015 which define the quality and review steps necessary in the translation process that allows us to produce a high volume of quality subtitling translations in all languages. We offer our subtitling service in English as well as translating content both from and into English to create seamless subtitles that will accurately reflect your video.

We accept files by email, by fax, by post, or you can drop the documents into our office in person.

The duration ultimately depends on the specific requirements of each project such as; he complexity of the script and dialogue, the level of lip-sync required and the number of languages.

We accept all major credit cards, debit cards, cheques, bank transfers, and online payments.