Supported File Types

We can handle most file types that you might work with, so there is no effort needed on your behalf to convert it to a different format for us.
After all, we integrate our translation solutions into your workflow.

The files types we accept include but not limit to:

Microsoft Office files such as .doc, .docx, .rtf

OpenOffice or LibreOffice file formats such as .odt, .ods, .odp

PowerPoint files: .ppt, .pptx

Excel files: .xls, .xlsx, .csv, .xml (and variants)

InDesign: .idml

Photoshop: .psd

Vector graphics files such as .svg

Scans and .pdf files (conversion may be required)

Web files such as .htm, .html

Epub files such as .catkeys, .dbk, .epub

Many file types from content management systems such as .csv, .ini, WordPress, etc.

Files from systems and applications such as .DTD, .json, .arb, .lang, .Plist, .po, .properties, .md, .markdown

Files from your developers such as (Java).properties, .rc, .resx, .strings, txt, .wiki, .yaml

Video, audio and multimedia support files, such as .srt , .vtt, .sbv, .sub, .ts

If your file is not listed, contact us for a personalised solution to your language needs. We have a solution for you.