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We are always happy to find the best possible translation solution for your business, by suggesting improvements in your document management and implementing fully-tailored translation solutions.

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Which means that we will dive right into your workflow to ensure smooth operations and timely translations as you go! Furthermore, we work with all file types, meaning, we’re a universal translator – no need to convert files before sending them to us for translating!

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We translate a wide range of legal translation in documentation such as court transcripts, contracts, intellectual property and patents, real estate and property, purchase agreements and many more!Legal Translation

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All of our legal translation is provided by expert linguists with the in-depth experience of legal translations to assure the accuracy of your projects.

We provide rapid translation processes without losing the human touch, tailoring our services to meet your exact needs. This way, we ensure your translation stays true to the original context and message.

Our standard translations of general documents are available for all types of documents, in any language and file format, no signature or seal needed.

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We work with all major design platforms such as Adobe PageMaker, InDesign, Photoshop, QuarkXpress, as well as most word-processing formats.

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When you need your translated content to look and feel exactly as the original, we recommend our Desktop Publishing Translation solution.

We translate, revise and proofread your annual reports, balance sheets, revenue documents, income statements, press releases, regulated information, auditors report and any financial content to suit your needs, budget and timeline. We handle your financial translations with professionalism, accuracy and confidentiality.

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Our tools enable us to seamlessly embed our translation solutions in your workflow, saving time and money.

We provide engineering and technical translation i.e Technical drawings, User manuals, Health and Safety booklets, Electronics tests or IT specifications.Technical Translations

Also, we integrate seamlessly into your workflows and systems, using your preferred software and platforms.

Contact us to find out how we can help with your your technical files.

Our subtitling translation and voice over translations cater for a wide range of video formats, i.e television broadcasts, web-only videos, advertisements, educational DVDs and webcasts.

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Our HR document translations handle any type of HR content, including policies, manuals, training materials, employee booklets, employment contracts, employee surveys, and newsletters.

Moreover, we provide accurate and consistent translations across various languages without losing the human touch. Kudos to you for being diverse and inclusive! Now, let us help you communicate effectively with your workforce.

The best part? We handle nearly every file format. Therefore, don’t stress; we’ll seamlessly integrate our systems into your workflow to ensure everything runs smoothly.

In addition, let’s have a chat about how we can help with translation solutions for your business! Furthermore, we can explore customised approaches based on your specific needs.

Ultimately, our goal is to enhance your communication. Consequently, we strive to deliver quality managed translation solutions. Finally, thank you for considering our translation solutions, let us know how we can help you!

We translate all kinds of medical related files such as:

Lab and imaging reports, Vaccination report & Prescriptions

Medical charts, supplies or insurance documents, Medical devices manuals, Medical training documents

Standard operating procedures, Informed consent forms, Hospital discharge papers

Scientific  Research & publications, Clinical study reports, protocols and trials

Lets connect to discuss how we can provide you with pharma or medical translation.

We’ve got you covered! Whether it’s company websites, e-commerce pages, blogs, or press releases, we make your content accessible to your target audience by embedding our systems in your workflow, translating your content without loosing the human touch!

It’s awesome to grab attention in various markets by an ad, but truly connecting means communicating with the audience as intended.Website translation and localisation

From audio, video, print and digital content, we would like to be your translation partner!

Learn more about our localisation services!

Our in-house proofreaders are here to help! They’ll meticulously review your documents in any language, checking for spelling, punctuation, typos, fluency, consistency, and layout.

Need a fresh pair of eyes on your translated documents?

Contact us today, let’s make sure your documents are perfect!

Get your product manual translated by us. We have experience in translating product manuals such as in Agriculture, Automotive, Construction, Food Processing, Information Technology, Medical & Healthcare, Engineering, Retail, Fashion, Furniture e.t.c across all languages.

With a keen eye for technical details and a deep understanding of industry-specific terminology, we deliver clear, accurate, and user-friendly translations.

Let us be your language department and help you bridge the language gap so you can communicate and connect with your customers worldwide!

We’d love to connect with you! If you’re facing any translation challenges, please send us an email or give us a call at +353 1963 1720.

We’re here to take the weight off your shoulders and handle all your translation needs, letting you focus fully on your business. Let’s chat!


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We also provide a wide range of translation solutions in any language to suit your needs.

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How do you get your certificate translated and certified?

Document Translation - Transferendum

Well, to start, we aim to simplify the process for you regarding translating and certifying your files in various languages.

You don’t need to worry about converting your files to a different format before sending them to us. Just take a picture and share it with us!

How we do it?

First, upload your document and let us know how we can assist. Next, you will receive a free instant quote for the certified translation solution and  finally, we will translate and certify your documents in any format to the required language!

Our turnaround time is 3 working days but we are always happy to accommodate urgent request!

I need help to...

Certified Translation by Transferendum

How to get your certificate translated? At Transferendum, we provide Certified Translation solutions for Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificate, Divorce or Separation Papers, Academic Certificates, Driving License and Vehicle Documents, Notary Deeds, Affidavits,  Immigration, Citizenship and Identity Documents, Police Reports & Certificates. Read about our certified translations here!

It’s super easy, firstly, upload your an image or PDF of your document, and we will sort it out for you! And yes! we keep your data safe.

Document Translation - Transferendum

We provide standard or general document translation solutions for your documents that do not require a signature or seal. Standard translation is available for all languages in any file type.

Submit your documents and we will get back asap! Curious about our standard translation service? Click here!

It’s your lucky day! We offer legal translations in any language 🙂

Legal Translation

Whether you’re looking for legal translations of statements, official documents such as; Adoption documentation, Wills and death certificates, legal contracts, private agreements; you can be confident of our commitment to your translation need!

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