Garantía de calidad y confidencialidad

Tenemos el deber y la responsabilidad de proteger la confidencialidad de los contenidos y actividades de nuestros clientes. Nuestros procesos se integran de forma segura y privada para que tus datos se traten de forma confidencial de acuerdo con los procesos de seguridad de datos RGPD e ISO 27001.  

Hemos desarrollado e implantado flujos de trabajo seguros para gestionar de forma confidencial la transmisión de datos a traductores y revisores, incluidos los pasos de revisión del cliente.

También podemos ofrecer acuerdos de confidencialidad personalizados que se adapten a las necesidades de tu sector.

Contamos con traductores profesionales y cualificados. Disponemos de un sistema de gestión de traducción totalmente certificado conforme a la norma EN 17100:2015 y gestionamos nuestra empresa con un sistema de gestión de calidad que cumple con la norma ISO 9001:2015.

Transform your document management and translation processes with our services. We offer professional advice to optimise your workflow, ensuring efficiency and quality in every aspect.

Entrust your translations to our team of professionals and reap immediate benefits in cost savings and resource management. Our secure, quality-managed process takes care of all vendor costs and eliminates management overheads, providing you with a stress-free experience.

Submitting your documents for translation is effortless with us. Choose from our secure email method or integrate seamlessly with your existing content management system for a streamlined process.

Our expertise in handling large-scale projects guarantees cost-effective management with top-tier translation solutions. Whether you require our comprehensive EN 17100:2015 translation management system, rapid machine translation, basic translation, human-assisted machine translation, machine translation post-editing, or a translation For Information Purposes Only (FIPO) – we have the right solution to fit your budget, process, and desired turnaround time. Plus, we welcome your feedback for further reviews.

Leverage previously translated documents to reduce both time and cost. For larger projects, we can integrate our translation and quality assurance processes directly into your organization, ensuring consistent, accurate results while further reducing costs and turnaround times.

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