Legal Translations

We manage your legal documents process using our certified EN17100 translation management system. We will select qualified professional translators to work on your documents securely within our management system. 

Securely upload a document now to get cost and options, or request us to contact you to discuss your requirements in detail. 

Whether you have large volumes of documents you need to find out what they say rapidly and cost effectively or you require difficult technical contracts, we have a solution for you.

Electronic documents are always the best if you have them. !  However if your documents are not in a “translation friendly” format such as scanned pages or printed pages we have the technology to make these cost effectively translatable and reproduce the layouts and formats of the originals for easy comparison and review. Check how we can easily convert your documents here

The translation of legal documents requires accuracy and technical understanding. Professional translation is strongly recommended and may be mandatory in some cases. Free translation tools can limit the scope of your work or cause more difficult corrections later or provide content management problems in the long run. 

We assure your accuracy and confidentiality by using us as your Language Department under our quality managed processes your information won’t be disclosed. Check out our secure workflow process and our Privacy Policy here. We can also set up tailored confidentiality agreements to ensure the confidentiality of your work.

With our extensive experience among different industries we can also assist you in any additional translation certification you might need. Check other languages solutions for you here

You can rest assure when you need a legal translation of: 

As your Translation Department we can provide the best possible outcome, and we will advise you when there is an opportunity to improve your document handling and  translation workflow. 

Subcontracting to professionals can save you money and resources in the short term, by handling all your vendor costs and removing your management overheads, in a secure quality managed process.  Sending us your work can be as simple as a secure email or a full integration with your secure content management system. 

Let us help you manage very large projects cost effectively by providing you with the services you need,

You can leverage a variety of solutions from a complete EN17100 managed translation service,  or simpler cost effective rapid solutions machine translation,  basic translation, human assisted machine translation, machine translation post editing  and FIPO as well as you can choose the service level you need to match you budget and your process and turnaround time . you can always send back parts for further review. 

If you have previously translated documents we can use them to reduce time and cost of your translation. For larger projects we can integrate our translation and quality assurance process into your organisation. This can be useful if you have a large body of reusable text. Helping to ensure consistency and accuracy as well as reducing cost and turnaround time. 

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