Patents and Trademarks

Protect your intellectual property in different markets with our patent and trademarks experts. We have experience in this area and know how important it is to be precise and specific. Our translators will translate your patents from the source language to the target language for all types of inventions and all types of businesses. We have translators specialised in the fields of engineering, chemistry, biopharma, pharmaceutical, and electronics.

Patent Translations for use in manufacturing, legal, or technology transfers

If you need to license the use of your invention in other countries, we can translate your patent for full coverage across the globe. We provide precisely worded, legally defined descriptions of your invention, transcribed into each required language. This is even more important in many cases where the original wording will not work for each country.  Many countries have their own conventions and requirements for how patent specifications must be set forth.  Additionally, patent and licensing usually involves legal procedures/translations that have their own complexities. Patenting your product, services, slogans, etc, should ensure the same level of protection for your business operations in your local market and abroad. This is the job for our patent translators to perform.

Undoubtedly, if you’re defending your trademark or patent overseas you will come to need top-notch translation services. Transferendum offers a complete service, providing the entire range of language and multilingual communication services you will need. We will work with your preferred legal representatives to smoothly manage the flow of multilingual content in the processing of your application.

What can you patent? 

When it comes to protecting your intellectual property there is a different scope of assets you can protect, like:

  • Product names
  • Slogan 
  • Recipes
  • Business processes

How can we help? 

Patent process can be slow and require multiple documents in order to succeed. In Transferendum we can help you by offering you a flexible service and integrating our translation to each stage of the patenting process. 

We understand that the patenting process involves the disclosure of sensitive business data and as a  GDPR and ISO27001 we can assure confidentiality in our security data processes.-

We can provide tailor services to support your business patenting process no matter the size of your organisation. The patenting abroad process is a crucial part to protect the assets of your company no matter the market and also to prevent future costs associated with trademark. 

Contact Us and ask us how we can help you.