Food and Beverages

The food industry is extremely regulated worldwide. When it comes to internationalising your products, the translations need to be accurate, comply with the local regulacion and be personalised for that particular market. 

Not all the concepts have a direct translation in the target language: sometimes it will be necessary to translate the ingredients and/or the preparation used to better communicate the description of the product, and this needs to be done in an engaging way. Also translation of ingredients should comply with regulations in terms of allergens and traces of them when it’s necessary. 

Packaging can also involve the labelling of transportation of the goods. Some ingredients or food preservatives might need to be displayed and translated in a specific way. Make sure you understand these considerations to deliver your product into your intended market.  

We can translate, localise and also transcreate the content of your document like:

  • Food labels
  • Recipes
  • List of ingredients
  • Food and drink menu
  • Contracts & Safety Manuals 

We understand the pace of your organisation and we can provide fast and accurate translations. We also provide DTP services to keep the look and feel of your brand while the content is localised to your audience. This is particularly useful for labels and brochures. Ready to publish/print documents will save time and money while your content is successfully delivered to your stakeholders. 

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